Yau Chin Pang (Thomas)




Hello there👋🏻!

I took a gap semester for a full-time internship in Finverse Technologies in the 2022 Autumn semester.

Mostly familiar with JavaScript (Typescript/Node.js) and Python now. I also have experience using Java, C++/C, Go, and Haskell (Had a ton of fun using Haskell! Very Interested using it for my graduate job)
Interested working in backend in the future...

Learning GoLang, gRPC, Swift and PostgreSQL for my final year project



JavaScript Frameworks/Libraries
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Next.js
  • Jest
Programming Languages
  • Python
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Go
  • C++/C
  • Haskell
  • Git
  • GitHub/GitLab
  • Unix/MacOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Protocol Buffers
  • Cloudflare Registrar & Page
  • GitHub Actions
Creative Stuff
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop

Work Experience

Wave Commerce

Upcoming Software Engineer Intern
- Present
  • Expected technology stack: Vue.js, Python, JavaScript, AWS Serverless


Software Engineer Intern
  • Added OAuth-Based Authentication to Next.js website with Auth.js
  • Built a demo/POC with Stripe's Payment API with its Custom Payment Elements and Prebuilt Checkout Page

Finverse Technologies

Software Engineer Intern (Part-time)

Finverse Technologies

Software Engineer Intern (Full-time)
  • Successfully integrated major commercial banks into the internal open-banking system through reverse engineering and secure web scraping in TypeScript and Node.js.
  • Facilitated efficient micro-service communications using Go and gRPC.
  • Trained a machine learning model using Python for solving captchas, incorporating image pre-processing techniques, and successfully deployed to production via Google Cloud Platform’s bucket storage.
  • Developed a demo showcasing API functionality in React.js, leading to enhanced clarity for external clients regarding the platform's capabilities.
  • Enhanced code quality by implementing unit tests using Jest and Nock, resulting in a reduction in system bugs.


Software Intern
  • Used Python to verify and search for missing files or lines according to specifications
  • Configured database that stores status and commands of equipment in the station in Unix system

Esri China (Hong Kong)

Programmer Trainee Intern
  • Used Python to collect and group real-time open data to update local geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro



Next.js Web Developer/Maintainer
- Present

Referalah is an open-sourced platform for overseas HongKongers to network for job referrals, connect for job opportunities, and support each other.

Campus TV, HKUSU, Session 2020-2021

Chairperson & Student Press

Campus TV is a student-run media organization in HKU. We produce videos and articles to report on campus news and events. We make a large variety of videos from memes, to interviews with HKU Council or student bodies candidates. We also have a Facebook page with over 100,000 followers.


An All-in-one HKU App for Students (Final Year Project/Final Research Project)

This project aims to tackle the pressing necessity to address the digital confusion that the students face at HKU. The envisioned mobile application seeks to amalgamate various student-centric functionalities into a singular, user-friendly, intuitive and modern platform. By potentially leveraging web scraping technology or obtaining API access from ITS, the app aims to aggregate essential data from HKU Portal, simplifying access to academic data, facility bookings, and campus events, while implementing intelligent and nice-to-have features like course reviews, GPT-powered friendship pairings, smart notifications and an intelligent chatbot with extensive knowledge of the student’s information to improve and enrich student’s campus life.

  • Swift
  • SwiftUI
  • Go
  • gRPC
  • PostgreSQL
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Supabase
  • OpenAI API

Haskell-based JavaScript-like interpreter


Developed a programming language interpreter with Haskell during Principles of Programming Languages course with features like conditionals, function definitions, higher-order functions, mutable-state, monads...

  • Haskell
  • Interpreter

Simple Messaging Client-to-host

A simple messaging client/host written in Python for computer networking course in Aalto University. Socket programming is involved as well to try to learn the basics of computer networking.

  • Python
  • Computer Networking
  • Socket Programming

Big Two


Multiplayer networked cross-platform card game in Java


The University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Engineering - BEng
  • COMP2119 - Introduction to data structures and algorithms
  • COMP2120 - Computer organization
  • COMP2396 - Object-oriented programming and Java
  • COMP3230 - Principles of operating systems
  • COMP3251 - Algorithm design
  • COMP3258 - Functional programming (Haskell)
  • COMP3259 - Principles of programming languages (Haskell) (A+)
  • COMP3278 - Introduction to database management systems
  • COMP3322 - Modern Technologies on World Wide Web
  • COMP3355 - Cyber Security
Aalto University
Semester Exchange
  • Software Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Basic Principles in Networking
  • Introduction to AI
  • Digital Ethics


Native Speaker
Full Professional (IELTS Band 8)
Full Professional


Watching Movies
Solo travelling